Gossip and Chronic Bank Fatique

Good Morning Cecilia

  • Cécilia Attias (Sarkozy’s ex-wife) is making the gossip tour.
  • Greece is still bringing the Bank’s down between 2-3% today and 6% this month. This will end up being more chronic and less of a hangover. It reminds me of a “soccer match” where the bookies are fixing the match (via the press) and the politicians are handing out red-cards and sending in the riot police.
    • Recommendation: Wait for the hard press PR campaign over the weekend.
  • Vivendi now owns all of SFR. Telecom in Europe is cut-throat. As pure cash cows they oversell and underprice. The boardrooms are elite, political and partisan. Stories of suicide within their lower ranks are common. Here’s one from this year. And here’s a few from last year.
  • Ignoring Christine Lagarde. Political soap opera.
  • I’m especially curious how the $VIX will be moving.
  • Pandora IPO timing and the Greek Riots… Nice Idea on Marketwatch.