Bourget Boeing and a wet CAC40

Good morning… We’re down 1.3% today in France but it’s a great time to announce, ”announcements”. They’re buying in Bourget. Qatar, Boeing, Bombardier, Airbus, EADS all in the news today. Industrial Production is down and Italy plans to start cutting coupons.

Bourget is THE destraction and Greece is THE story, still. The PR didn’t work very well this weekend and nothing concrete was agreed upon. So we’ll see the Euro take a hit today and some strength in the Dollar. Shorts be careful here. A well crafted news conference and you might see the Euro push higher – atleast for a bit.
The gossip/leaks are starting to circulate: on how might the Greeks remove themselves from the EMU. I’m not quiet as pessimistic on this question (or the eventual impact) as the American press, though it’s still a healthy ”bordel”.
And frankly if Jack Straw’s comments with the Mirror are true, he should start working at Fox.