Traffic Hell and Air Shows

Salon du Bourget… A sea of parked cars, with one objective: to go look at parked airplanes. Two things are obvious under these circumstances, 1) Moto-Taxis are GOOD BUSINESS and 2) diplomatic – political advantage (ugly, darkly tinted, chauffer driven, french sedans with a blue light turning on the dashboard and a sickly siren) are GOOD PERKS. Think I prefer auto-shows… Come to think of it, it was sort-of a two-for-one.

In either case, unless you are in a GOOD BUSINESS or get GOOD PERKS, there was no GOOD REASON to be on the road this morning.

There must be a leader-list somewhere, though these caught my attention:

Here’s a better summary (in French).

  • EADS has ranked up 544 ‘promises’ for the A320neo family
    • JetBlue
    • TransAsia
    • ALC
  • Bombardier
    • Korean Air
    • VistaJet
    • AVWest
  • Boeing
    • Malaysian Air
    • Aeroflot
    • Mongolian Airlines
    • Norwegian Air Shuttle

EasyJet is threatening a strike mid-July, and EADS is working with Rolls-Royce for the A350-1000.