Bernanke needs Lady Gaga

I want to invite Lady Gaga and Ben Benanke to lunch. This is funny (even in french). Lady Gaga-san in tears asking that the tourists come back to Japan. Ben?

European markets are down around 1% this afternoon and the slide doesn’t yet seem to be slowing. Looks like banks are taking the biggest beating and I’m reiterating my “Look at” Red Hat twitter post!

Lets keep working on that Starbucks trade today. A little voice in my head is telling me I should have pulled that trigger yesterday.

James Altucher’s latest post  is “crafty”, but I can’t help wondering why his hedge fund’s website is down. He should replace it with his stocktwits feed!

Presidential fundraising. This always amazes me… The usual suspects.

  • Sunlight’s Party Time is a project to track parties for members of Congress or congressional candidates that happen all year round in Washington, D.C. and beyond.”

Big Airbus Deal. Airlines, airlines, airlines, I’ve reached saturation point.

Avoid Greece June 28th and 29th

SAAB = PALM = Blackberry