Corporate Blackmail

I wrote this AT&T commentary a few days ago. The merger is a bad idea and the battle looks to get ugly. T stupidly agreed to a huge cash payout if the US blocks the deal. Part of the battle looks to include some crafty “job creation” blackmail. Not too surprising for T but then I saw another one, naively I didn’t realise this was so common.

Blackmail or Negotiation…

$T: “AT&T vows to bring back 5,000 US jobs if merger approved

$AMZN: “Amazon offers Calif. 7,000 jobs if it drops tax

  • “Democrats are in no mood to negotiate with Amazon. A spokeswoman for Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg said he instead aims to garner support for a bill to thwart Amazon from bringing its referendum to undo the online sales tax.”

I’ll add some more fun ones as I catch them!