Post Apacobama

There’s no need to reiterate, you’ve all seen the talking-heads, but I thought it was a catchy tag if someone wants to borrow it!

Europe opened unimpressed (- 1.5%), futures (ES_F, SPY) are flat and the G7 is meeting in Marseille (for a perspective). I’m guessing that after a good lunch they’ll release something to take the Euro off it’s current LOD. (Et voila, “Pressé d’agir face à la crise, le G7 recherche une réponse convaincante“)

At this point there’s more working against the market than for it.

  • Post Speech Sellers
  • Weak European Market Reactions
  • The Banks Tank
  • The Hamptons (or memories of…)
Wholesale inventories at 10am (EST) – Probably will get ignored.