Encore 45

This Morning:The European markets are dipping this morning, not exactly plunging like yesterday CAC40 (-1.4%), FTSE (-0.5%), DAX (-0.4%), not yet in any case. The banks continue to fall with BNP down over 7% on rumors that they can’t borrow dollars.
Now: The European markets and the CAC40 (+1.13%) in particular have closed in the green. All that fuss about BNP went away with one press release.

This Morning:Might the VIX tag 45 today?
Now: Very unlikely!

This Morning: “The EURUSD is still holding up at around 1.36 and this article: “How to trade the Euro When You Have No Idea What Happens Next” sums things up well.”
Now: Holding true but showing strength to nearly 1.37

This Morning: “Gold futures, GC_F  are relatively flat (-0.05%) though the E-mini S&P futures, ES_F are weak (-1.0%).
Now:  E-mini S&P futures, ES_F have pulled into positive territory but are still weak. I have 1163 and 1150 as a range.

Politicians are scrambling to appear coherent (which by their nature, is impossible):

Rumors continue to drive the markets:

None of this is helping me.. Sticking with my 112-118 range plays for the SPY.

Good Trading 🙂