Einstein and the Neutrino

Art Cashin is right about one thing: We can throw the book out.

The markets are reacting like Kim Delaney, they’re in semi-panic mode. Thanks to ZeroHedge and like-minded sceptics worldwide, the global financial and political systems are being called into question.

Then, out-of-nowhere, Cern in Switzerland finds a partical (a Neutrino) that moves faster than the speed of light.

I listen rarely and barely to pundits and a Neutrino sounds more like a breakfast cereal than something able to move faster than light, but maybe my scepticism is misplaced.

I just don’t understand how you can doubt Einstein? It’s ok to doubt Gold, I did it only yesterday. It’s ok to doubt Obama, he’s juggling fanatics. It’s even ok to doubt Goldman Sachs ($GS) and BofA (BAC). But Einstein?

What’s next?