Crazy Single Moms Occupy Wall Street

An article about crazy single moms (Slate) caught my attention today, along with another, even odder, about a scary protester called Lotion Man (Gawker).  I wonder what would happen if all the single moms got together with Lotion Man? He’s looking for a Red Bull sponsor… Maybe Red Bull could turn this into a major marketing coup. They could get the crazy wing suit guy, Jeb Corliss, the Lotion Man and NY single moms to take over Wall Street just after school lets out. Fox would be all over it!

There was unending stupid news today with the exception of Greece perhaps. It’s imploding again and this FT link follows it very well. The photos are disturbing (not for single moms with kids under 12).

A helicopter crashes into the East River.

The Apple iPhone let down takes up way too much space.

The Bank of America site is still down, after 6 days.

Boomerang by Michael Lewis. My next read.