Unlimited Reading Yet No Choice

Over the last two days of mud wrestling, I’ve come to the conclusion that finding a good read is nearly impossible at the moment.

First the mud wrestling: and the winner is… One huge middle-aged divergence between the $ES_F and “Europe”. He’s been the diverging champion since mid-December and has me wondering. Who’s leading who? It’s just a question of time before this wayward couple converge again – I’d like to figure out that trade…

Now for the reading problems: There’s an elf in a cave, high up in the mountains pumping out 10-20 stories a day, sending the same stories out onto the wires, over and over. Except (of course) in Caucus Country, and for those 100,000 voters in Iowa who’ve managed to co-op the news for the last 2 weeks, I applaud you. You’ve brought new meaning to the word disproportionate. But please, enough. Snazzy busses, money, 8 votes, 999, take downs, endorsements. Enough, please? The slim pickins have been obvious forever, can we move on now?

The elf in question is tired of writing the same crap over and over, and wants all of you real journalists to look for something mildly interesting to write about.