Slow News Day

10 hours and 35 minutes ago a random act of luck happened in Paris’s 8th arrondissement. During the “soldes” which were kicked-off in colourful form this morning, an aging “guardiennne” (house keeper for apartments) was gazing through the ‘vitrine’ of a discount clothing store. She was thinking of her teenage daughter living abroad, and considering the 50% discount on a mustard coloured sweater.

Directly adjacent a garbage truck was finishing it’s morning rounds, stopping every 10 meters or so to wheel overflowing plastic containers towards the back of the truck. Work traffic was starting to build up, and aiming to avoid this unacceptable delay an adolescent, casque barely positioned on his noggen, hopped his scooter rodeo style on to the narrow sidewalk a meter or two, downstream.

He mounted the curb in front of an ‘auto-école’. Accelerating from a bouncy stop, with the intention of passing the garbage truck to continue on his way, the rear wheel slid out right as if on ice, and his little scooter slipped loudly over on one of Paris’s persistent dangers.

Before the work crowd remember there’s a dog crowd…