During my morning reading, this morning… I stumbled on a confession (surprisingly I don’t stumble on many) and it started me thinking. To be an anonymous blogger, to write his/her anonymous diary; wouldn’t that opportunity be a very strong incentive, maybe spawn an entire blog-style or a blog-based therapy? There are lots of people, catholic or not, who could use a good place to confess. Strangely the contrary seems true, pseudo-self-promotion (unhealthy) outshines the cathartic (healthy) act of autobiographical writing (confession). I get the impression that blog-traffic is becoming the social equivalent to a mid-lifer’s red sportscar. This particular curiosity makes me also wonder whether confessions are effective – for the confessor. At the extreme, why do we have a fundamental need to communicate, identify, and structure our own suffering? Joe the plumber, an anonymous blogger, the death of a journalist retrieving her shoes, Bernie, Michael, Jim, Marilyn, Curt.

I was surprised with the honesty from this anonymous blogger, obviously smart, at one of life’s crossroads, sitting at mid-life with structured thoughts and labels for his suffering, even a treatment, his post isn’t selfish, it’s even lyrical. So why is this self-expression so important? I don’t have THE answer, but to ask yourself why you are doing, whatever you are doing, seems simply smart to me and the act of expressing an answer, whatever it might be, equally smart. So here you have it:

I’m writing a blog for reasons maybe I’ll never understand, though my reasons today ring as justification: I’ve stepped aside from the traditional employment treadmill and seek reassurance that I’m moving forward, that I’m learning, that I’m getting smarter, that I’m solving a puzzle, that there’s structure hiding under the chaos; and I’d like to earn enough to eat.

Am I writing this blog as a confession masked in option trading ideas?

Justifications/excuses become second nature when you spend enough time in France, so therefore if I am masking a confession in an option trade, it’s important for me to come up with a name for this syndrome, at which point if I fail, I’ll be able to confess, identify the temptations, and treat other’s with my condition. What should I call this imbalance, this syndrome? It’s clearly psychological with a few grams of intellectual inferiority mixed in.

I identify with bits of each of the following:

  • Tourettes
  • Othellos
  • PTSD
  • Imposters
  • Napolean
  • Stockholm

Therefore my syndrome should be called TOPINS Syndrome. The wiki-definition will read: A post-traumatic-social-anxiety disorder associated with a European country manifesting itself during a culturaly accepted addictive activity (trading) or under situations of unconscious confession (blogging).

Good Trading.