palette table

Spring Projects – Pallets?

I’ve caught the pallet bug. I’m not sure if it’s a good bug or a bad bug, but the wealth of creative work done with old pallets is impressive.

People build houses, bridges, beds, bikes, and all sorts of crafty tidbits for the home with old pallets.

Old pallets were a nuisance for me in the past. I’d have large quantities of IT material arrive at my office, and the delivery guy would leave the pallet with all the material, normal.

The problem was that ¬†garbage collectors in Paris won’t take pallets, and the people responsable for getting rid of our services’ old stuff weren’t happy! So… Pallets were to be avoided.

Then I started to stumble on complicated structures created out of ‘my garbage’. There’s something crafty about that…

In any case, this weekend I made a table, what I discovered is that it’s a refreshing spring project to break something, and then try to put it back together, in an even better form. It became a puzzle.

palette table

Good trading.