Google Docs Finance API

Started playing last night with the GoogleDocs API. I was interested in updating indicators (automatically) that I follow in GoogleDocs with the hope that I could transparently publish to brandnet.

The script manages to update stock/etf pricing and keep the chart in sync, when I push ‘update’…

One frustration is that I’m unable to find the global market prices through their API, which for me makes the functionality half-worthless.

Might it be possible to plug into an external source? It looks like I can parse XML, for delayed quotes, but that means I’d have to generate the XML which brings me back to the same point of having to push ‘update’.

You can see the result here. For some of you this might be enough. It’s simply a GoogleDocs spreadsheet which would update your portfolio pricing on the click of a menu item. Let me know if you need the script. You can get my email info on the About Me page.

Good Trading.