Economist Cover

Classic French!

In typical defensive posture, The Nouvel Observateur has responded to a recent article in The Economist with the headline:

The Ultraliberal magazine blindly lampoons french politics. But 6 months before the crisis they didn’t see anything coming.

They should have cut the headline after the first sentence.

I’m going to translate the tortured logic of that second sentence; “You, the blind ultraliberal English have NO right to lampoon us, the Gaulist French because you ONLY saw the crisis 6 months before it hit.” This insinuates that the French saw the crisis well before the English, of course… But chose to tell no one for their own secret reasons while at the same time flattering the English. Impressive.

  • For the Nouvelobs’ article (in french) go here.
  • And for the Economist article which upset the author, Laurent Joffrin (Directeur du Nouvel Observateur) you can go here.

I love the he said/she said so I’m not responsable banter of the French press…

In reality the cover image must have had more to do with Mr. Joffrin’s frustration, or was it a coincidental social call from one of the candidates?

Economist Cover

Mr. Joffrin calls The Economist, “Talibans of Liberalism”, and the “Pravda du capital”, classic!

Good Friday Comrade.