Wine Consumption

Supermoons and the EU

  • In September 52 BC  Rome defeated the Gauls and subsequently France became a periphery of Rome – 500 Years later Clovis was beheaded.
  • Pepin the Short died in 768 AD.
  • In 1060 Henry died and the throne was passed to a 7 year old! (Philip)
  • In 1297 a King was canonized and declared a Saint.
  • In 1998 the French won their first World Cup.
  • In 2012 François Hollande was elected president

Supermoons have no effect on dangerous tidal changes and/or Tsunamis. This article claims as much, I have my doubts.

Perspective is probably warranted in this case but difficult to find. France is the size of Texas with a nuclear arsenal, brilliant thinkers, and lovely genetics. They’ve maintained a dominant place in American history, and world history for over 2000 years. French wine, Champagne (never argue sparkling wine and Champagne are one in the same…), and luxury goods, have long been of the highest quality.

And ironically wine is a good proxy for the health of this country.


Currently, France is perceived as one of the two major players in Europe; with Germany Sarkozy, has been conferencing over the last few years to recapture growth, hope and economic stability. Much of Europe has slipped back into recession and with the single currency acting like an anchor, there’s little clarity on the horizon and even less as of today.

Wine Consumption

But, the EUR.USD is a another fair proxy.

EUR USD 070512

The EUR.USD is having a hard time holding $1.30 which under the circumstances, looks likely to continue it’s downward trend.

There’s some surprising optimism in the pre-market CAC40. The sky didn’t fall, but we’re likely in for some good thunderstorms. Maybe the US open will bring some surprises… A voir.

Good trading!