Spin, Place Hand on Red

The spin teams were hard at work this weekend, as predicted. The arrow has fallen on Angela Merkel… This just out from Reuters (here) and the lead story, who would have guessed?

After falling short with her “fiscal compact” on budget discipline, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is pressing for much more ambitious measures, including a central authority to manage euro area finances, and major new powers for the European Commission, European Parliament and European Court of Justice.

She is also seeking a coordinated European approach to reforming labor markets, social security systems and tax policies, German officials say.

Until states agree to these steps and the unprecedented loss of sovereignty they involve, the officials say Berlin will refuse to consider other initiatives like joint euro zone bonds or a “banking union” with cross-border deposit guarantees – steps Berlin says could only come in a second wave.

The goal is for EU leaders to agree to develop a road map to “fiscal union” at a June 28-29 EU summit, where top European officials including European Council President Herman Van Rompuy will present a set of initial proposals.

Notice the all important, date. Dates are a key element for political confidence building spin management. June 28-29 will bring with it another summit, and another opportunity to lead a horse to water. My question is: will the markets fall for it? And for how long?