Jennifer Lawrence

What I’m NOT Reading (WINR)

Good Morning,Jennifer Lawrence

Just open CNN and you have atleast 10 articles worth throwing in the virtual dustbin even before you open them. Here’s a sampling of, just this morning:

  • Fast and Furious Truth
  • Pot, not bath salts, cited in face-chewing
  • Historian gets 7 years
  • Hunter discusses sex with Edwards
  • Woman jailed for speed trap sign
  • Toothless mountain line bit woman
  • Bartender suing over skimpy skirt
  • Meet ”Rock, Paper, Scissors” robot
  • Olympian idolized by secret, legless sis

It’s been 32 years since CNN opened up the 24 hour news cycle and an embarrassment for probably 15 of those years, but when was the last time you saw a major “News” organisation evolve into a titilating-sexless-gossip-drama-rag? CNN knowingly destroys it’s own brand day-in and day-out. I say ”knowingly” because, they know the difference between quality and crap, but have opted for crap. Fox News on the other hand might not “know” the difference.

According to wikipedia CNN is available in 100 million US households (just the broadcasting). Can you imagine the social impact of feeding this garbage to 100 million US households day after day? Shoot me.

In any case, avoid CNN. RIP. And some other gems…

Ann Curry