Anton Kreil

I Dream Of Buzz Lightyear

Anton KreilLately, just a simple walk around the block surprises me, though to be completely honest, it almost always has.

A point in my walk brings my face to insignia with a few very cool rides, and the best view is always from the sidewalk. I cross Ferrari’s and Maserati’s being unloaded from large Brinks-like tractor trailers. The very well dressed sales staff don’t take cigarette breaks (at least in view of the strolling common man) they’re paid to look busy, like at McDonald’s.  As an aside, I often pass these trailers, and their drivers don’t hesitate to light up, and that’s the first thing I find a bit odd.

The second is that business seems to be booming.

Where’s the crisis?

There’s a Porsche dealer a bit farther afield and business looks good as well, though unlike the Ferrari suits, the Porsche guys don’t hesitate to break for a smoke. The dividing line between the rich and the super rich is a cigarette.

These walks clear my head. Financial news is overwhelmingly negative and often borders on depressing, just observing these engineering marvels can be inspiring and put the end-of-the-world news flow in perspective.

I sometimes take the proverbial walk through the streets of the internet as well and share those walks here.

Today I stumbled on a story which reminded me of the Ferrari sales guy and deserves a few lines. It’s a story about a London Trader, Anton Kreil who has recently announced that he will be the first person in history to make a financial market trade in Space. At least that’s his plan…

The Press Release from PR Newswire is full of humor:

Kreil outlined that since he is British and is flying in a US-built shuttle, trading the currency pair of Sterling US Dollar (GBP/USD), commonly known in the financial markets as “Cable”, made perfect sense. Kreil admitted: “I certainly can’t commit to trading the Euro. With the way things are looking at the moment, it may not even be around by the time we go.

SXC CEO Michiel Mol said: “When Anton came to us with the idea, we embraced it immediately. It’s clearly going to be a lot of fun and sends out a positive message. One thing we know for sure. The company sponsor’s stock will receive instant worldwide attention.

The Banking sector also wants a piece of the action. Kreil also revealed that they were in talks with Investment Banks and brokers who want to sponsor the execution.

You just can’t make this stuff up. Where’s the crisis? Where’s the end-of-the-world? Was Kreil on a Libor desk? Why didn’t the S&P jump on this exciting news? But most importantly, is Mr. Kreil smoking something? OK, so some super-rich guy, maybe even a local client, releases a press release because he’s going to make a trade from 100km high. Are you kidding me?

He should have a chat with Philip Morris, maybe they’d sponsor his trip, I don’t think anyone’s lit up that high either. Just a thought for his PR team.

I have one serious question for the proverbial Banking Sector. Do you really think this is a good idea?

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*Update 3: This is getting better by the minute… Here’s Anton Kreil’s Biography