Pre-Market Indicators

This will be a crazy day, it already has been.

The first sign of wierdness are the CBOE Put/Call Ratios, here. The CBOE Index Put/Call Ratio has only been this low one other time since Jan 2011 and that happened on June 11th, 2012.

  • The EURUSD is now under 1.22 (-0.41%)
  • Asian markets are down with NKD 2.03% and HSI down -1.88%
  • Europe is down with the CAC40 -0.70% and FTSE down -.70% and the DAX -0.80%
  • Gold is off -0.80%
  • Oil is off -1.41%
  • S&P is off -0.75%
The only thing likely to change this trend will be very good initial and continuing claims numbers which come out at 8:30am EST. I can’t wait to see the VIX on open.
Good Trading