Classic Zerohedge

I’m sure Tyler Durden is not David Zervos!

This is a classic ZH Post. I’m tempted to keep a short list of my favorites… Relating to this little ramp up in the markets here’s their nearly immediate response:

This is the note that led to the modest, if transitory bounce, in the market

The reason for the ramp in risk as attributed by various buyside desks as to what recently has become the trademark of more hope, prayer and magic from Jefferies’ (yes, Jefferies is driving the market for once, who wouldathunk it) David “SPOOS” Zervos, whose latest note that the Fed will follow the ECB and cut its overnight excess reserves rate to -0.25% has picked up some traction, and is causing a modest rise in risk markets. Here is the problem: the Fed will NOT do this, and certainly will not do this for months and months as not only would it destroy the US money market, general colalteral, unsecured and virtually every other overnight market instantaneously (and not even Ben is that dumb to trade a few trillion in private sector overnight funding for 10% in the S&P), but even as Zervos says this is nothing short of a thought experiment in what may happen: “Whether it happens or not is not the point. The issue is that we are not priced for it AT ALL.” Correct David: they are unprepared because it will not happen.


And just after something a bit more serious:

Here Is Why The Fed Will NOT Cut IOER, In Bernanke And Goldman’s Own Words

Bernanke July 201o: “The rationale for not going all the way to zero has been that we want the short-term money markets like the Federal funds market to continue to function in a reasonable way, because if rates go to zero, there will be no incentive for buying and selling Federal funds overnight money in the banking system. And if that market shuts down, people don’t operate in that market, it will be more difficult to manage short-term interest rates when the Federal Reserve begins to tighten policy at some point in the future.”