Pre-Market Indicators - PMI180912-1

Pre-Market Indicators September 18th, 2012

Good Morning NY.

The CBOE Equity and Index put-call ratios are updated, here. They are back to ‘normal’ levels at .64 and 1.20. These Ratios have been lower 34% and 33% of the time respectively, (last 2 years). Yesterday’s 3 minutes 4$ price drop in oil futures has sent the media scrambling for explanations. FT Alphaville has the most original, here.

The markets look red this morning and feel red, Spanish yields are the excuse.

On tap: Current Account, TIC Long-Term Purchases, NAHB Housing Market Index, and FOMC Member Dudley speaks. But the real action will probably come on the heels of FedEx earnings (FDX). Consensus is $1.40 a big miss will probably send the markets south, unless bad is still good, sir Ben.

* Update Fedex comes in as expected, pre-market FDX is down 2.11%.

  • EURUSD (1.3065)  0.43%
  • Gold Futures (GC)   0.49%
  • Oil Futures(CL) – 0.76%
  • S&P Futures (ES)   0.76%
  • CAC40 – 0.75% 
  • FTSE  0.51%
  • Asia (NKD) – 0.82%
  • Copper Futures (HG) – 0.71%
  • Silver Futures (SI)  0.01%
  • VIX: Close 14.59

Pre-Market Indicators - PMI180912-1