Timing Solutions For Swing Traders

Timing Solutions For Swing TradersWiley Trading has the best trading books I’ve found. Timing Solutions for Swing Traders: A Novel Approach to Successful Trading Using Technical Analysis and Financial Astrology is no exception.

The curious thing about this book is “Financial Astrology”, for me it was a first and caught my attention. What is financial astrology? According to Robert Lee and Peter Tryde, “Financial Astrology is an analysis of financial matters based on the observation of planetary movements.” Fair enough, here’s a site the book references and gives you an idea of why lunar cycles might impact turning points in the S&P. The authors suggest harmony with the planets is important. I can’t disagree, yet… Well, ok but I have enough on my plate. Luckily they don’t overdo lunar, solar, zodiak, or planetary cycles; it only adds color to an otherwise excellent technical discussion, and if you’re open to the arguments they make, a fascinating potential indicator.

Essential Patterns, Elliott Waves, Volume, and Key Indicators make up the proportion of the book with excellent examples, the charts are in color which I appreciate, but they’re a bit small. Hong Kong is their market of preference.

This book is worth keeping handy if you like to dig into Elliott Waves, decipher trend with common indicators, and refresh your pattern recognition.

* I’ve stumbled on a planetary cycle discussion board, if you’re interested. (here)