Eric Schmidt

Google’s Schmidt and Kim Jong Un

Eric SchmidtThe Executive Chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt may travel to North Korea and the US State Department thinks it’s a bad idea. See Bloomberg here for the gossip.

The State Department commenting that his rumored private visit would be unhelpful, leaves me perplexed. If Eric Schmidt and by relation, Don’t Be Evil, wants to visit North Korea, an Axis of Evil, why would this be unhelpful? It strikes me as a type of pilgrimage.

Coincidentally, or not, the FTC case against Google is being reported as settled. Maybe these two stories have nothing in common, probably they have nothing in common, but I’d be surprised. The politics around these two stories must make for interesting dinner conversation at the Schmidt household.

Note: I’m still waiting for an invitation to try Ingress… An aside, or is it?

In any case it’s the New Year and if one of Eric’s resolutions would be to make a difference then I might speculate that this rumored visit is related to an American being held in North Korea. It’s also rumored that Kim Jong Un likes gadgets and if Mr. Jong Un also makes resolutions, maybe he’s hoping to get his hands on Ingress. And that’s what really got me thinking.

From a clearly naive perspective a healthy pilgrimage, to make a difference, or save an American, sounds helpful to me. Yet, Dear Readers if this Dear Leader gets his hands on this particular gadget before I do, I’d have to agree with the US State Department.