Another Adventure

This Friday I’m going to participate in a trading duel. What’s a trading duel? I have no idea really… Maybe it would be like an Atlantic City casino; fur hats and sunglasses. After looking into it, I’m reassured. It looks legit, and I look forward to the experience. Where else could you lose your own money in front of a bunch of people you don’t know? Besides a casino…

I’ll fill you in after the experience, but for now I’ll set my doubts aside and start looking at the 3 minute charts.

Initially I wouldn’t have considered putting myself out there like this, but I’ve been pleasantly impressed by the organiser, André Malpel. Our email exchanges have been professional and I wish him the best of luck for this project.

As a plug for his Salon, here’s a video of André explaining the duels (in French).

And here’s a list of participants.

If I don’t make it past the first round, my favorite pizza place is just around the corner.

Good Trading.