Urgent Request To Pump Up A Penny Stock

There’s a first for everything.

Yesterday I had an odd and urgent request: “I need a stock chart on TDEY — I need it done within 3 hours, and I need you to hype it saying looks like it could see an NTEK type move long run.” 

Curious, I thought to myself what could this be about, and what in the world is TDEY? Or for that matter, NTEK? I actually read ‘DDAY’ in my head… Being in Normandy. The guy sent me to a link for AZFL and a charting video (with over 115,000 views) . I thought, this IS curious.

I don’t know the first thing about Penny Stocks, who buys them or how they come to be. I don’t like to be completely ignorant so I poked around a bit. Obviously, even if I was  offered a small percentage of the company I wouldn’t “Hype” a company to manipulate its stock price. I’m naive maybe, Apple spends billions to do just that. I imagine a college kid (or small get-rich marketing team) pretending to be Goldman Sachs, Apple, Disney, or General Electric. Master of the(ir) empire.

First, TDEY – 3D Eye Solutions, Inc.
3D Eye Solutions is a service provider, a developer and integrator for the 3D Stereo and Auto-stereo media industry. Ok… There’s a 3D Stereo industry?


Seeking Alpha does a better job digging in a bit. (here) and there are hundreds of sites concentrating just on Penny Stocks (example). This surprised me.

I won’t waste more of your time on this, but the urgency did get me thinking. I noticed volume in Penny Stocks. Another surprise. After a quick Google search you see a press release explosion in November and the spam energy moves into over-drive. I wonder if it’s the same guy sending all this crap out.  How many companies start out with Penny Stock funding? Maybe I should fund brandnet under this regime. Would that even be possible? I could be providing services for the 3D investment industry.

This parallel universe, is it for real or for charlatans and hucksters?