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Smart People

chimpOne of the wonders of the human condition is creative intelligence and I’m constantly amazed by the ability to build perspective with simple ideas, thereby creating something inspiring or enlightening. Grant Williams is one of those people, whom I don’t know, but I admire. And with all the blogs, trash popular news, and ‘writing’ that we consume on the internet, finding smart people, that write, is surprisingly rare.

Yesterday’s TTMYGH must rank among his best. April 4th? Who’d a thought. I won’t deconstruct the little pathway he takes his readers along, but the framing of his idea was poignant. You shouldn’t miss this weeks issue (A Date Which Will Live in Yenfamy). As you know I’ve been debating this BOJ QE question. Who isn’t? I’m looking for context and perspective, what will the BOJ’s action have in the medium-long term? Grant helps a bit.

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