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Iranian Nuclear Oil

This very public Iranian fear mongering, being¬†played out as a populist form of press release tennis, has been played out over and over, ad infinitum. So much so, that I start to ignore anything “Iran”. It’s a question so politically charged, so Washington lobbyist rich, that I’m skeptical of a manipulated popular press sorting out much truth – even with the best intentions. So for fun, I started to imagine “The Scenario” and wonder who really benefits from this political tennis match. I was surprised by my conclusion.

The current match plays out against an Arab Spring, and “coincidentally” comes to a crescendo with a release from the IAEA. (Here’s the full report.)

Center court started to get interesting in late September when Mahmoud Abbas puts forward a bid for Palestine to be given full membership to the UN. Abbas serving first, into the sun. (The BBC)

Then in early October we learn about a plot by Iran to kill the Saudi Ambassador in Washington. That was a strange one. Hillary Clinton lobs a few deep center court. (CNN)

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