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Intellectually Bearish

I always like reading The Big Picture, Barry Ritholtz. Here’s a quote from, Why Are Equities So Bid? that reflects my sentiment, fully.

We respect the price action, acknowledge our ignorance, afraid of being too long, are almost always intellectually bearish, have been ground up in the choppy action, and think the market is range bound.

I would only add ‘but risks falling off a cliff’.

Long live shadow puppets.

Grant Williams and TTMYGH

Grant Williams

This is absolutely the most well considered financial newsletter and thought provoking information I receive (or find) over the course of my week. ┬áHe’s got a cool photo as well… I’m going to do the same in black and white, here, soon… If you read brandnet and don’t subscribe, you should. I can’t do justice to Mr. William’s thinking. Subscribe here, really.

I thought I’d pull out the references from his latest issue. I hope he’ll take that as a compliment.

They are all WORTH reading:

For the charts and videos which are also excellent, you should subscribe.

Good Trading.

Cool buzzwords by decade

Kudos to Barry Ritholtz. Bravo!

It’s funny to imagine the French translations of a few of these. For example you would never say ‘eat your own dog food’ in French! Excellent.

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Who expects the “super committee” to come up with anything? They can now waste our time trying to spin the news. (Their true competence?) Early spinners are starting with a “joint statement” (Reuters).

After 3 months of haggling, how much did this futile charade cost?

John Kerry (D-MA) has been trying to trade against the outcome but didn’t have his normal edge because the markets have priced in failure before they had the chance to announce it.

Doing nothing and a super committee failure will, according to Barry Ritholtz and E.J. Dionne actually produce a $7 trillion savings over 10 years. Maybe the super committee should think about unpaid leave.

Super Congress / Committee - Member Caricatures