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Fade the Close into Vacation

Not too much intelligent seems to be passing through my little and sceptical-by-nature brain today. It’s Friday again and the start of another well-deserved vacation here in France. I’m avoiding Athens.

Europe is all happy about the upcoming post-pre-meeting with rumors that Merkozy and team are happily in agreement. But it’s so terribly obvious that these are press releases to calm unintended leaks that they actually aren’t happily in agreement. If that makes any sense… The short story seems to be that the meeting this weekend is key (but it isn’t because there’s another next week)… So halfway into the pre-meeting, pre-weekend trading day, Europe is closing on it’s highs with the CAC40 up almost 3% and the $SPY sitting up 1.7%. I’m looking to fade into the close, this is all just too rosy for me. If the $ES_F doesn’t break through 1236, well, fade with confidence.

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End of Week

This Time Is DifferentCarmen Reinhart, This Time is Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly

  • “Just as failure to honor sovereign debt might conceivably trigger broader responses in international relations outside the debt arena, so might domestic default trigger a breakdown in the social compact that extends beyond being able to borrow in the future.”

Caught my attention…

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