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Pre-Market Syndications

Good Morning NY,

  • Europe is weak: DAX -1.4%, CAC40 -0.95%
  • The EURUSD pair is weak: -0.32%
  • Gold is Weak: -0.61%
  • S&P Futures are weak:-0.57%

All of this is before the release of the initial jobless claims at 8:30am EST. Curious to see if the tone changes.

Good Trading

Pre-market Indications

Dear Europe Good Morning,

BBQ cheminée

Lets start off this Thursday by saying that I need a nap. My 4 legged adoption was up all night sick and my apartment stinks. The windows are open… The contrarian in me is therefore looking for a good day on the markets. The recent trip through the tunnel-of-love as the hall-of-mirrors still has my uneasy.

  • European markets are broadly lower, but not exceedingly. The CAC40 -.59%, DAX -.9%, Z -.56%
  • Gold (GC) is sliding very orderly -1.14% and it’s beta brother Silver (SI) -2.27%
  • The S&P Futures (ES) is sticking with Europe -.48%
  • Oil (CL) continues its decline -1.35%
  • EURUSD -.36%

I’m going to spend some of my sleepy day researching bbq’s. A few weeks ago, I saw a ‘BBQ chiminée’ in action. These things are perfect if you prefer to cook with charcoal.


After I waste some time looking for a BBQ chiminée, I’ll get back to work.

Good Trading

Encore 45

This Morning:The European markets are dipping this morning, not exactly plunging like yesterday CAC40 (-1.4%), FTSE (-0.5%), DAX (-0.4%), not yet in any case. The banks continue to fall with BNP down over 7% on rumors that they can’t borrow dollars.
Now: The European markets and the CAC40 (+1.13%) in particular have closed in the green. All that fuss about BNP went away with one press release.

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