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CAC40 Chart

Parabolic Draghi

I’ve written before about my frustrations with central bank intervention, and today I’ll write about it again. I just can’t trade on anything but central banker speaking dates. Yesterday, we had a pre-Draghi post-Draghi opening and today we had follow through. Will weekend rumors calm the overexcited? They’ve started already with the WSJ reporting that other ECB board members are a bit surprised by Draghi’s comments and who better than ZH to add fuel to the fire (here).

The best and maybe most actionable information would be this quote:

If the ECB does nothing next week, the markets will tumble.

I tend to agree, yet something other than talk is unlikely, and I can’t deny the markets reaction, so in-the-end who cares if things change or not? Paul Krugman seems to be ok with the status quo (here). With today’s market reaction who could disagree, deficits schmesifts!

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Amy Winehouse, Glastonbury Festival 2007

What I’m NOT Reading (WINR)

Amy Winehouse, Glastonbury Festival 2007Good Morning NY.

This is classic, avoid…

I’ll translate a quote so you get the idea:

M. Hollande a proposé d’inscrire le “dialogue social” dans la Constitution, et de “faire évoluer notre modèle social pour pour mieux le garantir”.

M. Hollande proposed to write a ‘social dialogue’ into the Constitution and to ‘evolve our social model to better guaranty it’. He also affirms that reducing the debt is the choice and ‘not austerity‘.


And from Dow Jones: “Draghi: Move Towards Fincl, Econ Union Implies Loss of Sovereignty”…

I’m done rambling here’s a good list to avoid.