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France FDI – Emerging Market?

Investment in France fell 77% last year according to the UN’s report on Global Investment Trends (here), to $5.7 Billion.

That’s the report that kicked things off,  since it’s been downhill. The Figaro picked it up with: Les investisseurs étrangers délaissent la France and try to make a disaster bad thing look normal, by saying  the data is volatile and the charts look more like peaks and valleys. Ok but… As support they refer to an outdated document from the Banque de France. Strange.

The FDI inflows for the top 20 economies are here, find France…

FDI Top 20 2013

And once Zerohedge got a hold of it (here), you could count on an interesting perspective.

Foreign Investment In France Crashes 77% In 2013 (Most On Record) To 26 Year Lows And they do a great job with charts…

 FDI France

I couldn’t help thinking that Google’s sale (and loss) of Motorola to Lenovo surpasses a full year of foreign direct investment in France.

Have a great weekend.

France FDI Inflows

France Defies Critics With FDI Paradox

OECD Foreign Direct Investment InflowsAfter ranting yesterday about the hopelessness of juicing the French economy while at the same time stifling the creative and corporate wealthy, I stumble on this Reuters article.

France defies critics with foreign investment paradox

  • French Q2 FDI inflows third biggest after China, U.S.
  • France top European destination for new foreign plants
  • Government sending foreign investors mixed messages

I suppose the interesting thing is how the FDI is broken down as over 75% of the FDI is ‘Other Capital Investment’. I’m really curious what ‘Other’ represents. If a Vineyard in France is sold to a Chinese investor would that fall under ‘Other’? My guess is, yes. Take for example the local anger over a Burgundy vineyard, here or Richard Shen Dongiun in Bordeaux, here.

France is a fiscal paradise for some.

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