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A wet red carpet

This is good, and classic French.

Le Premier ministre britannique David Cameron s’est dit prêt à “dérouler le tapis rouge” pour les entreprises fuyant l’impôt en France, ce qui a suscité l’ironie du ministre français du Travail Michel Sapin pour lequel ce tapis pourrait “prendre l’eau”.

Basically David Cameron is saying once France creates the 75% tax bracket, businesses are welcome to come to the UK. The French respond: The red carpet risks getting wet across the channel.

The original info: here and here.

A rediculous idea, chapeau Mr. Cameron.

autolib in Paris

This morning I discovered 2 installations of autolib very near my apartment.

autolib in Paris

This might be a very good business, atleast here in Paris. They’re planning on testing 3000 electric cars here. December 5th is the launch.

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Bailout Halflife

$ES_F at 50% retracement…

I’m half back from vacation, half interested in speculating on the weakening Eurozone, half sure the G20 headlines are going to move the markets but I’m a bit more than half interested in my November put spreads…

I impatiently exited some $ES_F shorts today, my stops were too tight, and I knew it. Live and learn, that’s another thing I have to more than half work on improving.

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