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Grant Williams

Grant Williams and Libor

Grant Williams

Like my earlier praise, there’s another great edition of TTMYGH out. You should sign up for this newsletter, here.

Well done Grant.

TIF Insider Trade

Tiffany Insider Trading or Just Luck?

Yesterday, the largest option trade of the day in TIF occured just before the market closed at 3:39 pm, a 65/60 put spread and was purchased for about $0.94.

484 contracts to be exact and look… The price at the moment is 59.89, if they sell now, that’s $150,000 profit or they could hold out for $196,000 if they think at expiration TIF will close under 60. I’d hold out.

Someone made a crafty, probably illegal trade.

Banana Republics

This is a quote from ZH on the hearings taking place on congressional insider trading. Funny.

Only in a banana republic would Congress be “forced” to hold hearings on whether to ban itself from illegal (for everyone else) insider trading.