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Case Shiller and Consumer Confidence

As I try to refine a decent trading strategy, I look at these numbers. And they’re not reassuring but the markets are up about 1% across the board. The Euro is strong (really strong), though it couldn’t quite hit 1.44 this morning. We’re expecting the IMF, ECB, and the EU in general to firmly support Greece. Fair enough. I think today though we should expect the unexpected. I wouldn’t be surprised if this morning rally doesn’t hold up through the day.

So it’s a question of ‘time’, and my expectations that weak employment, housing, banks, and sentiment, should have a negative effect on the markets. The question is, then, when will these factors hit the markets? Or how do I play these distractions? What others can we find? Will IEA1 and Europe’s problems distract us long enough to see housing and/or employment rebound?

I have some decent mysteries in my portfolio. Starbucks ($SBUX) is one, Starbucks was stuck in a range and has broken out, Google ($GS) arguably is trending down but is showing strength. Linked-in ($LNKD) is equally perplexing to me.