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Market Openings

Trading hours aren’t as easy to get a handle on as you would think…

Lets say you’re living in Paris and you want to trade e-Mini S&P futures, you’d go to the CME Group and have a look at their site, right? Well the CME Group posts opening hours in Chicago Time – CT (though I think “CT” stands for Central Time not Chicago Time…), great, unless you’re used to trading on the NY markets in New York Time –  which is ET, Eastern Time (not NYT – which would be the New York Time(s)).

Opening hours analysis should be one of those standard questions on college entrance exams:

You’re living in Paris which is GMT +/- ? (2 if you’re interested), it’s Monday during daylight savings time, what time is it in NY when the CME starts trading E-mini S&P 500 futures? Bonus: It’s Sunday and you’re visiting London… Convert all answers to GMT +/- n.

Asian Markets (NOT daylight savings time)

Sydney, S&P/ASK 200: 5 pm New York = 11 pm France

Tokyo, Nikkei: 7 pm New York = 1 am France

Hong Kong, Hang Seng: 9 pm New York = 3 am France

CME Futures

E-mini S&P 500 Futures Sunday = Midnight France $ES_F (bonus answer: GMT +1 or 11pm London)