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VCI acquires brand.net – excellent

Maybe I’ll stop getting brand.net web traffic…

LIVONIA, Mich., June 21, 2012  — Valassis (NYSE: VCI), one of the nation’s leading media and marketing services companies, today announced it has enhanced its digital display network – the Valassis Audience Network – with the acquisition of Brand.net, an online display, video and mobile advertising platform. Combined with the Valassis Audience Network, the components of an expansive network of online and offline data, state-of-the-art ad serving and targeting technology, come together – Valassis is Re-Imagining Reach™.


Livonia, Michigan?

The original is here.

Good point…

This is a quote from ZH, and it does get you thinking. (Highlights mine.)

Have you noticed that all the “hot” initial public offerings (IPOs) being hyped by Wall Street are all marketing companies? The big IPO that has everyone on the Street salivating is of course Facebook in 2012–the ultimate “social media” marketing machine. What’s striking about these heavily hyped Social Media companies is that they make nothing, and their service is either free (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) or a “free” marketing mechanism (Groupon). When was the last time a company went public in the U.S. that actually manufactured a good? When was the last time a “hot” company went public selling a service that had nothing to do with marketing and that actually performed a valuable function?