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Calvin And Hobbes

The Aftermath

Four years ago, during the elections, I was wandering around NY. I’d voted before I left Paris, it seemed important at the time. NY hadn’t changed. Marathon preparations were under way, and my only objective was to appreciate some of NYs energy, share that with my daughter, and do some shopping. All you really need in NY are good friends, street vendors, Bacon Egg and Cheese Bagels (yes, in capitals…), Snapple, Starbucks, and a good burger in the village. Continue reading

Poonam Pandey

What I’m NOT Reading (WINR)

Welcome to Monday. There’s a good list of exciting news to avoid today.

Post Apacobama

There’s no need to reiterate, you’ve all seen the talking-heads, but I thought it was a catchy tag if someone wants to borrow it!

Europe opened unimpressed (- 1.5%), futures (ES_F, SPY) are flat and the G7 is meeting in Marseille (for a perspective). I’m guessing that after a good lunch they’ll release something to take the Euro off it’s current LOD. (Et voila, “Pressé d’agir face à la crise, le G7 recherche une réponse convaincante“)

At this point there’s more working against the market than for it.

  • Post Speech Sellers
  • Weak European Market Reactions
  • The Banks Tank
  • The Hamptons (or memories of…)
Wholesale inventories at 10am (EST) – Probably will get ignored.