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Jean Dujardin

French Entrepreneurs Can’t Afford To Fail

Jean DujardinI missed the morning routine today, lunch with old collegues took precedence, and by an amusing coincidence, the tête à tête became tête à tête à tête à tête.

The four of us ate in a crowded terrace in the 8th. Smoking permitted, of course. The lunch brought back fond memories, and I can’t help reflecting privately each time I see them. I say ‘privately’ because anyone who has spent time around the table with the French will know what it’s like getting a word in edgewise. It’s a type of tennis that I don’t play well, but the mix of qualities, vision and competence around the table made for a great match.

The French aren’t all public service employees working 35 hr weeks and taking 12 week vacations. Atleast this caricature doesn’t fit these particular Parisians who have invested years of their energy building a profitable, competitive company. Hiring an American didn’t hurt, but that’s another story… They’re personally invested for several reasons, but one important (though hard to admit) one, is that they won’t easily find a home elsewhere. I can’t speak to their intentions, they’ve each profited well and in their own manner, but sharing (or listening to) a political discussion with these business owners under no illusion about the current French President, and his particular policy decisions, makes me wonder if France is a ticking time bomb.

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Stylish Autolib

Autolib has launched and is starting to get some international press.

Here’s a story from the BBC written by a Style Blogger here in Paris (link).

If you’re a Brandnet visitor you know that I like this business, my earlier post is here. For some unexplained reason the American press is picking up a bunch of these French-American blogs recently. Maybe it’s a conspiracy!

autolib in Paris

This morning I discovered 2 installations of autolib very near my apartment.

autolib in Paris

This might be a very good business, atleast here in Paris. They’re planning on testing 3000 electric cars here. December 5th is the launch.

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