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Friday Sentiment and IEA Politics

Greece is moving onto the backburner and Italy starts to take it’s place.

The EUR.USD is looking for direction but reacting to the durable goods number.

Politicians are keeping their heads down as they setup their play yesterday evening with the oil reserve release. The talking heads are calling it IEA 1 and surprise, the industry is telling investors to ignore the news! A slush fund, manipulation, etc.

Blah, blah, blah.

The states and FTC are looking to cash in by attacking Google. Microsoft anti-trust flashbacks, come to mind.

Oracle earnings dissappoint on hardware sales and the old Sun acquisition debate comes up again. Say they don’t want to do any deals right now. They’ll be buying $RIMM before we know it…

Are you kidding?

GoDaddy for 2 billion, right…
Alstom signs a deal with Iraq for a high speed train between Bagdad and Bassora…

Insider trading on Apple, Netflix, Ciena, Qualcomm… $AAPL, $NFLX