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RIM slowly slowly going AOL

New York Times Scraps Its BlackBerry App (Bloomberg)

The New York Times (NYT) dropped its downloadable application for BlackBerry users, dealing a setback to Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM) as it races to introduce a new version of the mobile device early next year.

I can’t say it better, tick, tick, tick. Branding can work against you.

Katy Perry

What I’m NOT Reading (WINR)

Katy PerryHere’s some time wasters if you’re not having fun with today’s market.

Good Trading.

Amy Winehouse, Glastonbury Festival 2007

What I’m NOT Reading (WINR)

Amy Winehouse, Glastonbury Festival 2007Good Morning NY.

This is classic, avoid…

I’ll translate a quote so you get the idea:

M. Hollande a proposé d’inscrire le “dialogue social” dans la Constitution, et de “faire évoluer notre modèle social pour pour mieux le garantir”.

M. Hollande proposed to write a ‘social dialogue’ into the Constitution and to ‘evolve our social model to better guaranty it’. He also affirms that reducing the debt is the choice and ‘not austerity‘.


And from Dow Jones: “Draghi: Move Towards Fincl, Econ Union Implies Loss of Sovereignty”…

I’m done rambling here’s a good list to avoid.



Friday Sentiment and IEA Politics

Greece is moving onto the backburner and Italy starts to take it’s place.

The EUR.USD is looking for direction but reacting to the durable goods number.

Politicians are keeping their heads down as they setup their play yesterday evening with the oil reserve release. The talking heads are calling it IEA 1 and surprise, the industry is telling investors to ignore the news! A slush fund, manipulation, etc.

Blah, blah, blah.

The states and FTC are looking to cash in by attacking Google. Microsoft anti-trust flashbacks, come to mind.

Oracle earnings dissappoint on hardware sales and the old Sun acquisition debate comes up again. Say they don’t want to do any deals right now. They’ll be buying $RIMM before we know it…

Are you kidding?

GoDaddy for 2 billion, right…
Alstom signs a deal with Iraq for a high speed train between Bagdad and Bassora…

Insider trading on Apple, Netflix, Ciena, Qualcomm… $AAPL, $NFLX