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Ugly Tuesday

[10h05] It’s very ugly this morning. We’re 1 hour into the opening and down over 3%… Bonne Courage.

[13h45] Now that we’re getting closer to the US open I could use the word “carnage”. But the market often surprises me and if this is a bear trap it’ll be a good one. I’m going to stick a post-it on the middle of my screen which says “patience” today! A fair number of traders looking for a bounce after Mr. B. speaks. Strange… Or is it Factory Orders at 10h? Traders will be buying into any good news today, but the half-life risks to be short.

[14h15] Read this on the WSJ blog: “allegations by the Senate finance committee that some hospital companies had gamed the Medicare system.” duh… But I’d like to read more Mr. WSJ. Who is reporting that? Oh you are, but only on the pay side of the site. Interesting…

[14h41] And this is cool. Bravo. Electric plane wins $1.35 million Google/NASA award.

[14h51] Here’s a well written blog article from The Daily Capitalist that I like. I’ve been struggling with this gold thing for a while. I’m feeling less alone. Well done.

[19h00] Out of $TIF. This turned out to be a good trade, should I have continued holding or not? I can’t say but that little post-it must have fallen off my screen.