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ES EURO CAC40 Futures

Spain, of course. The Little Rascals come to mind.

This weekend when I heard about the bailout that’s not a bailout of Spain, I was a bit worried. Here we go again, I thought. Of course the question of whether this might be the real deal, passing the cap, or German capitulation came to mind. I’d expected atleast a day-long hopium splurge in the $ES and CAC40. To be honest I wasn’t sure how the $EURUSD would take it…

At the moment the $ES is up .3%, the CAC40 up 1% and the $EURUSD back to flat. Traders have been fading the news since the open. OK all the gaps are nearly filled, what now?

ES EURO CAC40 Futures

There’s a scene in Little Rascals where one of three sees a sign on a bank and gets thrown out when he sees a sign ‘money to loan’ that comes to mind.