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Prince Harry

What I’m NOT Reading (WINR)

Prince HarryHere are a few to avoid for this sunny start of the week.

If you’re looking to waste even more time, here’s the history of WINR.

Taylor Swift

What I’m NOT Reading (WINR)

Distractions post-opening.

Taylor Swift

George Soros Tamiko Bolton

Soros, ahhh – Tamiko, ohhh

George Soros Tamiko Bolton

Can’t this guy just stop being in the news?

He’s now planning is 3rd marriage to Tamiko Bolton, 42 years younger. Ignore, ignore, ignore…

But if you’re really interested, you can go to Bloomberg (here) or for even more fun check out the Sun (here). Reuters… (here). Stop, stop. And the ring, no. Shoot me.

*Update 08/20/12

It just won’t stop!

In the spirit of WINR, avoid the following as well:

On the other hand you should check this out. Interloper is crafty.

Heidi Klum

What I’m NOT Reading (WINR)

Heidi KlumWork avoidance links:

On the other hand, I probably shouldn’t have mentioned the female punk band Pussy Riot on WINR July 5th (here), now I think this story is worth reading.

Kristen Stewart

What I’m NOT Reading (WINR)

Kristen StewartAvoid Draghi and all that is Europe, the world is saved. And just before vacation!

Intellectually Bearish

Have a great weekend, here are a few links to avoid while you’re watching the slow creep up.

George Soros

What I’m NOT Reading (WINR)

George SorosHere are a few to avoid today.

The housing numbers dissapoint, keeping a lid on the morning momentum.

Good Trading.

Sir Michael Rake

What I’m NOT Reading (WINR)

Sir Michael RakeThe immediate risk-off trade today warrants some distraction. If you’re busy selling vol you can come back to this list of time-wasters…