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Pre-Market Euphindications

Good Morning,

Europe pledges to save itself for the weekend, and hopefully through the summer holiday. Everything is green except treasuries. Overwhelming expectations of bad news was not the trend to follow though the half-life is unpredictable. We’ll let the leaders pat themselves on the back for a while and watch the press fall over themselves atleast through the weekend. The details will start to bring back the sceptics.

On the surface, direct bank-recapitalization will free up pressure on the sovereigns and consensus from the EU to ‘boost growth’ should keep the market happy today.

  • Gold Futures are trading up +1.27%
  • CAC40 is trading up +2.13%
  • Oil Futures are trading up +2.39%
  • The S&P Futures are up +1.2%
  • The EURUSD is up+1.08%
  • Japanese housing starts were up +9% after beating expectations of +6.6%

S0 all is well before the weekend.

Good Trading

Pre-Market Syndications

Good Morning NY,

  • Europe is weak: DAX -1.4%, CAC40 -0.95%
  • The EURUSD pair is weak: -0.32%
  • Gold is Weak: -0.61%
  • S&P Futures are weak:-0.57%

All of this is before the release of the initial jobless claims at 8:30am EST. Curious to see if the tone changes.

Good Trading

Jennifer Lawrence

What I’m NOT Reading (WINR)

Good Morning,Jennifer Lawrence

Just open CNN and you have atleast 10 articles worth throwing in the virtual dustbin even before you open them. Here’s a sampling of, just this morning:

  • Fast and Furious Truth
  • Pot, not bath salts, cited in face-chewing
  • Historian gets 7 years
  • Hunter discusses sex with Edwards
  • Woman jailed for speed trap sign
  • Toothless mountain line bit woman
  • Bartender suing over skimpy skirt
  • Meet ”Rock, Paper, Scissors” robot
  • Olympian idolized by secret, legless sis

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Pre-market Indications

Good Morning NY

  • German Import Prices Fell More Than Expected
  • Europe is flattish +0.2%
  • S&P Futures are flat -0.04% and now up +0.19%
  • Asia was up +0.6%
  • Gold is weak -0.41%
  • EURUSD is flat -0.05%

Durable Goods Orders at 9:30am EST, and Pending Home Sales on Tap at 10am EST

Scrat - Ice Age

What I’m NOT Reading (WINR)

Good Morning Europe.Scrat - Ice Age

Pre-market McCarthications

There’s almost nothing going on.

  • The EURUSD is flat
  • S&P Futures up a bit 0+.27%
  • European Markets are flat
  • Gold Futures are flat but holding yesterday’s gains.

Waiting, waiting. If you want a distraction, look here.

Jenny McCarthy Playboy

What I’m NOT Reading (WINR)

Good Morning.Jenny McCarthy Playboy

It’s dreary and rainy in Paris, the last thing I need is a distraction. A few good ones to avoid…