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France FDI Inflows

France Defies Critics With FDI Paradox

OECD Foreign Direct Investment InflowsAfter ranting yesterday about the hopelessness of juicing the French economy while at the same time stifling the creative and corporate wealthy, I stumble on this Reuters article.

France defies critics with foreign investment paradox

  • French Q2 FDI inflows third biggest after China, U.S.
  • France top European destination for new foreign plants
  • Government sending foreign investors mixed messages

I suppose the interesting thing is how the FDI is broken down as over 75% of the FDI is ‘Other Capital Investment’. I’m really curious what ‘Other’ represents. If a Vineyard in France is sold to a Chinese investor would that fall under ‘Other’? My guess is, yes. Take for example the local anger over a Burgundy vineyard, here or Richard Shen Dongiun in Bordeaux, here.

France is a fiscal paradise for some.

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Gerard Depardieu

Depardieu Polémique

They’re trying everything.Gerard Depardieu

Even Sarkozy, during his campaign bien sûr, discussed an ‘exit tax’ for those fortunate French who rake it in… This public debate has been going on for a while, I’ve rambled about it before, here. Sadly, and little by little the French are losing their national treasures. Belgium and England are quietly taking advantage though England has toned back the red-carpet rhetoric.

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Red Candle

The Mayan Apocalypse Trade: Iron Condor

Red CandleDon’t forget that December 21st is the end of the Mayan calendar and if you’re preoccupied with the apocalypse, light a candle for John Cusack.

In the US, underground shelters and handguns are all the rage as solar disruption should be arriving by Wednesday. In Europe taxi service will be available from a plateau in Bugarach, France. And in China 3 days of darkness is predicted; citizen believers are scrambling for smart-phone batteries and anonymous Sina Weibo accounts.

Consensus is hard to find between continents but among traders, one particular options trade stands out, The Iron Condor.

You won’t get burned on the wings.

Olam Chart

The Muddy Waters Olam Saga

I can’t help but like this drama… And why?

While Muddy Waters is a business, one of our primary motivations is to try to level the playing field between managements (and their lawyers, consultants, investor relations firms, and auditors) on one hand, and investors on the other.  It is seldom a fair game for retail investors, and we think that Olam’s attempt to foist more unrated debt upon retail investors is just another example of the sickness that ails today’s capital markets.

Muddy Waters Initiates Coverage on Olam International 

Strong Sell…

Muddy Waters is Unimpressed with Olam’s Response; We Will Pay For Olam’s Debt to be Rated

Olam refuses…

Olam’s 180-Degree Reversal on Tapping the Markets Validates MW’s Thesis, and Raises More Concerns

Olam Chart