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Dealing Marijuana – OTC

I sometimes wonder out loud (here, for example) why I keep getting hit up with penny stock requests. My little Fiverr experiment (here) brought in a handful of spin doctors fishing for technical analysis and at the time those requests looked arbitrary. One of my favorites was for an underwater tree harvesting company.  Really. But several were affiliated with a recently legalized and very popular plant. (No disclosures forthcoming.)

I hadn’t considered the trend until I stumbled on a Zerohedge post (here). The good bits come from Nanex.

An explosion of OTC trading:

OTC Shares Traded


Trade executions per day taking into account the lower price value of penny stocks:

OTC ActivityThat alone is interesting, I didn’t realize there was so much interest in OTC stocks. But the next table is what caught my attention and fits with the types of request I’ve been receiving:

Guess where all that trading activity is going.

Top OTC ActivityGood Trading, Dude.