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Professionally, my career has been relatively classic, though a bit diverse: I see that as a positive. I’ve had the good fortune to discover different cities and cultures; to work in different industries; and to speak different languages. Today I’m building technology related to trading, investing in start-ups, learning about the markets, and trying to decipher market behavior;  the financial markets have intrigued me since I was 10 years old. I remember digging through the newspaper looking at a million little lines across a folded page too big for me to hold. Spread across the kitchen table, it all seemed so serious. I remember searching for the 52 week high/lows and being contrarian even then; ‘paper trading’ for a reversal.

Markets hold up a mirror, often a convoluted kaleidoscope to our culture of money; trying to understand something so universal can only be personally enriching. My objective here, has been to share a small part of that adventure. I hope you find something interesting, amusing, and maybe enriching.

Personally, I’ve a lovely daughter who has picked-up on her father’s passion for technology. She is, and has been, my priority for over a decade, and I’ve never had a more rewarding challenge.

Intellectually, I have a natural tendance to “dabble“: psychology, art, software and hardware development, management, and Neuroscience. I cut my losses quickly in medical school after having assassinated, tortured, and observed, way too many genetically modified rats. I published though, some interesting work on neurotransmitters and hypothesized on fascinating subjects from Tourettes syndrome to Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Here’s an example…  Finding solutions to life’s little mysteries has always been fundamentally rewarding.

My most amusing professional experiences:

  • Amateur Private Detective: I did financial research for Fergies ex-lover; famous for his toe sucking escapades in the 90’s
  • Naive Entrepreneur: I started an Independent Writers Magazine in the UK.
    • All these writers, all of these publications and nowhere to share “quality”. The demand seemed obvious. An outlet for a skill often prostituted…
  • Inventor: I invented Scentblaster (rememberSoundblaster?) and can fairly take credit for sharing the worst marketing faux pas during the internet bubble.
    • An irresistible time to poke fun at start-up funding.
    • An irresistible time for people to steal even your bad ideas…
    • And to quote PCWorld one of the “25 Worst Tech Products of All Time”
    • Funny how things come full circle…
  • Geek: An early dating site (wouldyoudateme.com)
    • I launched this site to learn PHP and MySQL in the mid 90’s. I innocently copied a site called amihot.com, not thinking anyone would find it. It was overtaken by escort girls who had discovered the web and were much better at product marketing and placement than I could have imagined.
    • This took a bad turn unexpectedly. Don’t forget that before Google, sex sold…
  • Plastic Surgery (Perfectyourself.com)
    • A good experience, we learned a lot about web intermediation, funding, law suits, and Google integration (world domination).
    • We funded, built, and eventually sold a very successful franchise .
  • Pets… (Gardemypet.com)
    • A Symfony2/Doctrine project. I wanted to develop a multilingual site, and market a product I created: then sell it internationally.
    • An ongoing project…
  • Trading
    • Semi-Finalist in a Trading Duel at the Technical Analysis Trading Conference (here, here).
My most classic professional  experiences:
  • Software Development
    • This is a long story, but I started developing on Macintosh software and C++ in the early 90’s, Java soon after, Lotus Notes along the way, and anything related to the web on Windows as time went on.
    • I’ve worked on Listed Company Systems at the NYSE, Advertising Platforms for Ogilvy & Mather, and Management Solutions for Philip Morris.
  • Consulting
    • During the internet bubble, I teamed up with some wonderfully creative start-ups. My favorites were the precursors for today’s megalithic social media platforms. We built social networks with video and audio for individual communities.
    • Baby Press Conference, LL Cool J, and Yo Yo Ma, Clearchannel communications were some of my best clients.
    • I spent most of my time, designing technical architectures / application models, and evangelizing web technology during this period of venture capital euphoria.
  • Management
    • I’ve managed dozens of technical project teams both large and small.
    • My most challenging (and recent) was as DSI (CIO/CTO) with Acadomia in Paris.

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