Bitcoin Playground

I’m trying to get a handle on this bitcoin thing. My goal is humble. I’d like simply to manage a transaction (or two). These posts will follow that little adventure. I created a category on brandnet for those that want to follow my discovery (here).

bitcoin price chart

It started with a wallet, which I downloaded from – that wallet took 2 days to ‘sync’ and then the app wouldn’t boot because something was corrupt. I’ve restarted on another computer. That seemed easier than trying to figure out what went wrong.

Some areas I’m going to explore:

  • Mining
  • Exchanges
  • API’s, 3rd Party Stuff
  • Transactions
  • Different Wallet Types
  • Legal-Political-Media

I’m not yet sure what this is, but they say I’ll get free bitcoins if you go here. Must be an advertising gimic.  Click for me, I’d like to see.